In the winter of 2016 my wife and I were talking about doing something good in the community and decided we would scale back our Christmas shopping for each other and put the money towards buying shoes for those in need. We went to Nike and purchased about 25 pairs and walked around downtown passing them out to homeless people we met; 360 Souls was born.

The following year we teamed up with AKA's and The Monarch Awards Foundation for their Annual Community Feeding Program. In year one we gave away about a 100 pairs and have grown that to over a 1,000 pairs annually with the help of our community that donates to the cause. 

We also work with FeatherFist an amazing organization on the southside of Chicago that has been fighting for over 35 years to end homelessness. We are in the developmental stage of an ongoing program where someone can "adopt/sponsor" a member of their community by making a commitment to purchase them shoes twice a year.  Stay tuned...

Most recently we partnered with Swish House, a fitness program that is changing the way we workout. They're founders have a strong sense of community and find ways to give back. Through the partnership with Swish House we were able to gift new shoes to 100's of youth in Chicago for Christmas 2020. 

It was never our intention to form a Non-Profit 501(C)(3), but as these program continue to grow and get recognized by our generous donors, it seems like the best way to continue to help people in our underserved communities. 

Thank you for your love and support!


Tyrone Jordan